Jacksonville Jaguars mailbag

Got questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars? I'll try to answer a representative selection of them every Saturday. Submit your questions via Twitter to @ESPNdirocco.

@ESPNdirocco: You're right, it's early. Way too early to tell which players will be available. Some may sign extensions before the season ends and others will be tagged. I can tell you that the Jaguars have to address pass-rusher, linebacker, offensive line and safety in free agency and/or the draft.

@ESPNdirocco: GM David Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley are asking the same thing because they aren't sure yet. Denard Robinson has done a nice job over the last four games but he still has to prove he can produce over an entire season. At the very worst he has shown that he can be effective in a committee approach. I like the way he has looked running the ball: running through arm tackles, being physical and hitting the hole with confidence.

@ESPNdirocco: Cecil Shorts III certainly deserves a multi-year deal -- but not at the amount that he probably would like to receive. Shorts has yet to prove he can stay healthy for an entire season. He has missed 13 games in his three-plus seasons and has finished each of the last two seasons on IR. I think the Jaguars only sign him on their terms.

@ESPNdirocco: You work on fundamentals, including footwork and head placement. You emphasize it over and over and hope that's enough to ensure the players use proper form during games. The easiest way to improve tackling is to sit guys who aren't playing well but the Jaguars don't have enough depth to do that.

@ESPNdirocco: Not so much in results, but certainly in terms of where things sit for the future. The Jaguars appear to have found their future quarterback and have upgraded themselves at running back and receiver. Plus, the team appears to have found a pair of young offensive linemen around which they can build. Those positions got significant upgrades this season.

@ESPNdirocco: Nothing new. Justin Blackmon has to apply for reinstatement and then meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

@ESPNdirocco: They have the most money available (approximately $28 million) so they should be the top dog at the bowl. However, it's hard to tell how big of a splash they'll make because it depends on which players are available. One this is certain: They'll be aggressive.