Trivia Tuesday: Farewell, sweet Prince

Baseball will miss Prince Fielder, who was pretty much the perfect human trivia factory. How well do you know his career? Take Jayson Stark's quiz. Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire

Prince Fielder never won an MVP award. But if I’m ever allowed to hand out trivia MVP trophies, he’d be to those awards what Barry Bonds was to actual MVP awards.

For like 10 years, any time I was in desperate need of a trivia question, I knew I could always find a reason to use Prince as the inspiration because let’s face it: He was pretty much the perfect human trivia factory.

Played in both leagues. Had a famous father. Played in a lot of Octobers. Played in a lot of games, period. He was awesome -- so awesome, in fact, that I’m not sure how Trivia Tuesday will be able to carry on without him. But at least that’s not a problem this week -- because he set off this one final burst of sensational trivia on his way out the door.

So feel free to savor these gems. And as always, good luck!