Trivia Tuesday: If Michael Jordan couldn't 'just do it' ...

Before there was Tim Tebow trying to make the majors, there was Michael Jordan. How well do you know MJ's hardball history? Take our quiz! Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Before there was Tim Tebow trying to make it in baseball, there was Michael Jordan. And before there was Trivia Tuesday, the only Michael Jordan baseball trivia questions showed up once a year on "Jeopardy."

So isn't it time we rectified this grievous MJ trivia imbalance by looking back on Jordan's ill-fated season in baseball as a proud, bus-riding outfielder for the 1994 Birmingham Barons?

Heck, of course it is.

So here's the first (and probably last) MJ-inspired edition of Trivia Tuesday.

As usual, it's five multiple-choice questions -- and loads of fun to play. So no cheating.

And good luck!