Trivia Tuesday: Septembers to remember

Something incredible always happens in September. Jayson Stark tests your knowledge of epic collapses and comebacks from yesteryear. Take the quiz! J. Meric/Getty Images

Oh well. It’s time to pack up the beach chairs, draft your fantasy football team and go buy a bunch of new three-ring binders at the big Back to School Sale down at Staples -- because guess what month it is? Yessir, it’s September. That’s what. And you know what that means.

No, it doesn’t mean your tan is about to fade. It means something incredible is about to happen in the ever-unpredictable sport of baseball. it happens every September. Guaranteed.

So since this is our first edition of Trivia Tuesday since September dawned, we thought we’d test your knowledge of epic September collapses and comebacks from yesteryear. Everyone up for that? Of course you are.

As usual, it’s all multiple-choice questions. So what could possibly go wrong?