Theo Epstein vs. curses

Theo Epstein busted one curse in Boston. And now he could bust another in Chicago. How well do you know his work? Getty Images, USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard that Theo Epstein once busted some sort of curse in Boston.

And now, according to reports just reaching us, he has a chance to bust an even longer curse in Chicago.

There are many far-reaching implications that derive from this quest, and they’re of immense historical significance. But at the moment, here at Trivia Tuesday World Headquarters, we’re not really concerned with them. We’re just concerned with the opportunity it presented us to dredge up all sorts of fun Theo/Cubs/Red Sox trivia! Because, frankly, that’s how we roll.

So here it comes, one of the most fun Trivia Tuesday quizzes of the year.

As always, it’s five multiple-choice questions. So what could possibly go wrong?