Trivia Tuesday: Ties, #%&$ ties and statistics

Roughly 99.7 percent of you are rooting for chaos. Er, tiebreaker games. So how well do you know the tiebreakers of yesteryear? AP Photo/Ray Stubblebine

Just last week, I laid out all the crazy possibilities that could erupt if either the National League or American League wild-card races ended up in a two-team, three-team, four-team or even six-team tie. And judging by the reaction we got, approximately 99.7 percent of you out there root for chaos. I mean, tiebreaker games.

So here at Trivia Tuesday World Headquarters, that got us to reminiscing. And in this case, we found ourselves reminiscing about great tiebreaker games of yesteryear.

There have only been nine of them in the entire division-play era -- but four have come just in the past 10 years (2013 AL wild card, 2008 and 2009 AL Central, 2007 NL wild card). And they’ve mostly been incredibly memorable.

Well, if your memory isn’t shot and you do, in fact, remember anything about those games, you’ve come to the right place. Because this week’s edition of Trivia Tuesday focuses on those tiebreaker classics. Unlike the games themselves, this is multiple choice. But much like the games themselves, it’s a whole lot of fun to play.

Good luck!