Justin Houston likes Seahawks over Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston, in a visit to ESPN's "First Take" set this week in Arizona, picked the Seattle Seahawks to beat the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs beat both teams during the regular season, 41-14 against New England in September and 24-20 against Seattle in November. Both games were at Arrowhead Stadium.

"They've got a great defense," Houston said of the Seahawks. "They can fly around and make plays. I feel like their defense can rattle [Tom] Brady. If you can get a hold of Brady you can do some damage.

"They're going to bring pressure. They're not going to let Brady just sit back there and throw the ball. They're going to make him get outside the pocket. They're going to make Brady beat them and ... they're going to keep him moving. They're not going to let him be comfortable."

The Chiefs sacked Brady and his backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, three times and intercepted Brady twice. They picked off two of Brady's passes and the last of their five touchdowns in that game was an interception return by safety Husain Abdullah.

"We did a good job of getting to Brady," Houston said. "We didn't let him just sit in the pocket and beat us. We pushed him outside the pocket and made him throw the ball outside the pocket on the run. I think he's a better quarterback in the pocket."

The Chiefs survived against the Seahawks despite allowing 124 rushing yards to Marshawn Lynch and 71 more to quarterback Russell Wilson.

"We wanted to keep Wilson in the pocket and that's hard to do," Houston said. "You want Wilson to stay in the pocket and throw the ball. If you let him scramble he's a great runner and he'll also make a lot of great passes on the run. It's hard to keep him in that pocket. He's a great quarterback.

"We put him in third and long in a lot of situations. But Wilson being Wilson, he scrambled and beat us throwing the ball on the run or he used his speed and got the first down himself."