Free-agent report: WR Jason Avant

We are beginning a player-by-player look at the Kansas City Chiefs’ potential unrestricted free agents. We’ll start with a veteran wide receiver signed by the Chiefs late last season.

WR Jason Avant

He has played nine NFL seasons, one with the Chiefs. He played in five games with no starts for Chiefs in 2014 and caught 13 passes for 152 yards and no touchdowns. He turns 32 in April.

Chiefs career: Avant joined the Chiefs in November after he was released by the Carolina Panthers. He still managed to fit in nicely and become one of the Chiefs’ most productive receivers in his five games in Kansas City. He caught the Chiefs’ first pass of longer than 40 yards last season in a December game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Argument for keeping Avant: He was one of the Chiefs’ best receivers after joining them last season. Avant will be an advanced age for a wide receiver in a couple of months, but doesn’t have the look of a player at the end of his career. He is also a good player to bring off the bench. He knows the offensive system and all the receiving positions well, having played for Andy Reid for several seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Argument for letting Avant go: The status quo is not good enough for the Chiefs at wide receiver. They can do better than Avant at this point of his career, and do so with a player who is much younger and less expensive. Avant was a great pickup in the middle of the season, but the Chiefs need to find a faster player with more big-play ability.

What should happen with Avant: The Chiefs have to be focused on improving at wide receiver. They should thank Avant for his good work in his brief time in Kansas City and keep him on speed dial if injuries tear apart the position for the Chiefs next season.