No wide receiver for Chiefs in McShay's latest mock

ESPN analyst Todd McShay veered away from a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs in his latest mock draftInsider.

McShay instead gives the Chiefs a center, Cameron Erving of Florida State. This move would make a lot of sense for the Chiefs in more than one regard.

After signing Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent, the Chiefs no longer have to go wide receiver in the first round. Maclin is the Chiefs' No. 1 receiver for the foreseeable future, so the Chiefs are free to look to another position with their top pick. That's not to say a wide receiver would be a bad pick for the Chiefs with the 18th overall selection. They could still use some help at the position, but they can get it later in the draft.

Erving has the look of a player who will be a steady offensive lineman for a number of years. He could be a center, where the Chiefs could use some help. Their only player at that position is Eric Kush, who was drafted two years ago from tiny California University of Pennsylvania and has hardly played since.

But Erving also played tackle in college and could be shifted there in the pros. The top two candidates to start for the Chiefs at right tackle this year are Donald Stephenson and Jeff Allen. Each has a contract that expires at the end of the season. Given the Chiefs' recent history with losing offensive linemen to free agency, it might be wise for the Chiefs to prepare for the eventual departure of both players.

Erving could be that guy, or their starting center. Either way, he's someone the Chiefs could use.