Mailbag, part I: Would Chiefs dump Alex Smith, trade for Marcus Mariota?

Here is this week’s draft edition of the Kansas City Chiefs’ mailbag. Look for the non-draft edition on Sunday. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and tag it #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: You have a better chance of hitting the lottery or getting struck by lightning. The Chiefs are committed to Smith for better or for worse. He would cost them $40 million against their cap if he's released. Then there's the cost to get up to the top of the draft to be in position to get Marcus Mariota, the Oregon quarterback. The price to go from 18, where the Chiefs are, to, say, 2, is prohibitive. Mel Kiper Jr. is right in that Mariota would be a good fit for Andy Reid and the Chiefs. But it won't happen. @adamteicher: Now that's a totally different question. If he falls to 18, which as you suggest is unlikely, I would do it. @adamteicher: Lockett is the Kansas State receiver and kick returner. He might not be available when the Chiefs make their second-round pick, which is 49th overall. If he is and the Chiefs want to be sure they can get him, they had better take him then. It's risky to believe he would still be around when the Chiefs make their next pick in the third round at No. 80. @adamteicher: I would think 18 would be too high for Peters, who was suspended for a game and later thrown off the team last season at Washington. He'll go late in the first round or sometime in the second. @adamteicher: I've said that cornerback is a spot to watch for the Chiefs in the first round. The Chiefs would be delighted if Michigan State's Trae Waynes fell to them, but he will most likely be gone. In that case, keep an eye on Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest or Jalen Collins of LSU.