Mailbag, Part II: Will Dee Ford be over or under 7.5 sacks?

Here is Part II of this week’s Kansas City Chiefs mailbag, the non-draft edition. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and tag it #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: Good question, but I'll go with the under just because I'm not sure how much he will play next season. Certainly in passing situations, as long as he stays healthy. He may play more in the base defense than he did as a rookie. But he won't be a full-time player unless Justin Houston doesn't sign with the Chiefs or Houston or Tamba Hali get hurt. If he's not on the field for a majority of the plays next season, I'll say the under.

@adamteicher: Every team gets one prime-time game on Thursday night. Otherwise, those things are difficult to predict. The Sunday and Monday night games tend to go to the larger markets and the more popular teams with popular players. Dwayne Bowe signed with Cleveland, so that game will be an interesting one no matter when it's played.

@adamteicher: If the NFL does things like it has in recent years, sometime before the end of April.

@adamteicher: That's impossible. If every team gets eight at home and eight on the road and then one gets moved to London, some team has to lose a home game and the other loses a road game. The only way to make this fair is for the Chiefs to play in London as a road team in a future season. This will be the second straight season the Lions will play in London as the road team. That's what's not fair about this.

@adamteicher:: I think the Chiefs are better off at this point waiting to see what happens in the draft. If they can't get someone to help at receiver right away through the draft, then Nicks would be worth at least a look. But he's without a job and available for a reason.