John Dorsey's drafts with the Chiefs: tight end

In the days leading up to the draft, we'll look by position at the two Kansas City Chiefs drafts since John Dorsey became their general manager. It's a small sample size -- the Chiefs drafted eight players in 2013 and six last year -- but we can still learn from it.

We started this series with the offensive line. We'll continue here with tight end.

Players drafted: (1)

Travis Kelce, University of Cincinnati, third round in 2013

Dorsey and the Chiefs have done no better than at this position. Kelce, 25, is one of the NFL's rising stars at tight end. After missing his rookie season because of an ailing knee, Kelce returned in 2014 to almost single-handedly rescue the Chiefs' otherwise sluggish passing game.

Kelce led the Chiefs in catches (67) and receiving yards (862). He tied for the team lead in receiving touchdowns (5) and had the Chiefs' best yards-per-catch receiving average (12.9) among players with more than 16 receptions.

The Chiefs felt comfortable enough with Kelce becoming a full-time player that they released veteran tight end Anthony Fasano. Kelce's playing time in 2015 should only increase.

That the Chiefs found Kelce in the third round, albeit at the top of the round, could be an indication they know how to spot tight-end talent.

Another sign would be the continued development of Demetrius Harris, who joined the Chiefs in 2013 as an undrafted player. Harris played no football and only basketball in college.

After spending his rookie season on the practice squad, Harris became a part-time player last year, though his season was cut short halfway through because of a broken foot.

He should play even more in 2015. Harris is currently No. 2 on the depth chart and if the Chiefs don't draft a tight end, that's an indication of the belief they have in what Harris will produce this year.