John Dorsey's drafts with the Chiefs: quarterback

In the days leading up to the draft, we'll look by position at the two Kansas City Chiefs drafts since John Dorsey became their general manager. It's a small sample size -- the Chiefs drafted eight players in 2013 and six last year -- but we can still learn from it.

We started this series with the offensive line, tight end and running backs. We'll continue here with quarterback.

Players drafted: (1) Aaron Murray, Georgia, fifth round in 2014

As with many players at other positions taken in the fifth round, a quarterback is a risky choice this late in the draft. The differences are two. First, any quarterback considered a reasonable candidate to become an eventual starter will be drafted much earlier. A quarterback also has little chance to help out as anything but a starter, where a position player can be of value on special teams or as a part-timer on offense or defense.

So Murray should be held to a different standard than the average fifth-round pick. He doesn't have to become a productive starter for him to be a good pick. If he's eventually a competent backup for the Chiefs, he would make this a solid choice.

It's too early to make the call on Murray in that regard. He spent his rookie season as a developmental player and he never got into a regular season game.

But the Chiefs shouldn't have to wait forever for some return on their investment in Murray. He started 52 games in college, suggesting he's a player who should develop at a rapid rate.

If Murray isn't the Chiefs No. 2 quarterback by 2016 at the latest, it's logical to wonder whether that will ever happen.