John Dorsey's drafts with the Chiefs: linebacker

In the days leading up to the draft, we'll look by position at the two Kansas City Chiefs drafts since John Dorsey became their general manager. It's a small sample size -- the Chiefs drafted eight players in 2013 and six last year -- but we can still learn from it.

We started this series with the offensive line, tight end, running backs and quarterbackj. We'll continue here with the linebackers.

Players drafted: (3)

Nico Johnson, Alabama, fourth round in 2013

Mike Catapano, Princeton, seventh round in 2013

Dee Ford, Auburn, first round in 2014

The return here has been minimal. Johnson was released at the beginning of last season without giving the Chiefs much. Catapano was moved to defensive end and has played little in two seasons. Ford was a part-timer, playing mostly as a situational pass-rusher as a rookie.

Johnson was an unqualified mistake. The Chiefs gave up on him quickly enough that there was something about him they obviously missed in the draft process.

There's still hope for Catapano and Ford. The Chiefs drafted Catapano because he showed some pass rush skills in college and the Chiefs may still get something from him. He missed all of last season with a viral condition but the Chiefs expect him back at 100 percent this year.

Ford is the second of Dorsey's first round draft picks to be underwhelming as a rookie, tackle Eric Fisher in 2013 being the other. Ford looked lost at times last season when he played against the run and wasn't consistent as a pass-rusher.

But it wasn't unexpected that Ford should experience some growing pains. He was a defensive end in college and the Chiefs drafted him knowing he wasn't ready to be an every-down player at outside linebacker.

Eventually, though, Ford needs to be a lot better for the Chiefs to get what they should at linebacker after two drafts under Dorsey.