Mel Kiper gives the Chiefs a B-minus for their draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. has weighed in with his evaluations and grades for each NFL team’s draft classInsider, and he gave the Kansas City Chiefs a B-minus.

Kiper gave a B-minus to six other teams as well. Seventeen teams received a better grade, so while B-minus might sound like a decent grade, only eight teams fared worse, in Kiper’s opinion. His worst grade was a C-minus and that was just for one team, the Buffalo Bills.

Kiper’s grade should be viewed in that light. But he looks favorably on several of the Chiefs’ picks, including first-round cornerback Marcus Peters.

If Peters works out as the Chiefs hope, this will be a good draft for the Chiefs. He certainly might become their eventual No. 1 cornerback and one of the NFL’s better players at his position.

But he was thrown off his college team for arguing with a coach, and at least one NFL team didn’t have Peters on its draft board because he’s such a risky pick. The Chiefs have ventured into dangerous territory because they’re the ones taking the risk.

A couple other draft links I like:

  • ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay lists his favorite pick for each of the 32 teamsInsider -- favorite not necessarily meaning best but one made taking into account a team’s needs, the player’s value at the point he was drafted and the other players available at that pick. McShay’s choice for the Chiefs was not Peters but the other cornerback they drafted, Oregon State’s Steven Nelson in the third round.

  • Pro Football Focus gave the Chiefs a C-minus for their draft, the same grade I did.