There's a wide range of opinions on Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- ESPN's post-draft Power Rankings placed the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 14, or right about in the middle of the NFL. Some of the rankings of other media outlets have different opinions about the relative strength of the Chiefs. Let's have a look.

CBS: The Chiefs are 21st here, well behind the Denver Broncos (5) and San Diego Chargers (13). "They will enter the season as the third team in their division. Did they do enough in the offseason to be the second team?"

Fox: The Chiefs are also 14th here, well behind the Broncos (3) but safely ahead of the Chargers (20). "The Chiefs struggled to stop the run in 2014, but they used the offseason to instead bolster their secondary and in turn their pass defense. Adding playmakers Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley could help this offense take a step forward."

NFL.com: The Chiefs come in at No. 8, highest in the AFC West. The Broncos are ninth and the Chargers 14th. "Thought the Chiefs performed well this past weekend, scoring the touchdowns in the draft that their wideouts couldn't on the field. (We are legally obligated to bring up the woes of Chiefs WRs a minimum of 50 times. Our draft coverage only did so 47 times. We're back-filling.) The key here, though, might be second-round guard Mitch Morse. Like the Chargers -- who provided Philip Rivers with a dangerous backfield-mate in Melvin Gordon -- the Chiefs looked to give their most important offensive player some help. If Morse, who played tackle at Missouri, can adjust to interior line play on a full-time basis, Jamaal Charles could go for 15 and 15 this year: 1,500 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns."