Mailbag part I: What available free agents make sense for Chiefs?

Here is part I of the Kansas City Chiefs mailbag. Look for part II on Sunday. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and tag it #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: The Chiefs at least for now appear content with what they have. That could change as they go through offseason practice and there's an injury or another situation that causes a need. Generally at this time of year, unless a player is released for salary-cap purposes he's out there for a reason and that reason is most teams don't think much of him. So players available now should be viewed as emergency help.

@adamteicher: James Jones, recently released by the Oakland Raiders, might be that X receiver asked about in the previous question. The Chiefs don't believe they have a need at receiver like a lot of people think they do. The Chiefs believe in Albert Wilson more than people realize. That's not to say the Chiefs won't sign a veteran such as Jones. Jones played for many years with the Green Bay Packers, so he has a history with Chiefs general manager John Dorsey.

@adamteicher: Nothing behind the scenes, but the two best ways for the Chiefs to create salary-cap room at this point are to sign Justin Houston to a long-term contract and reduce Eric Berry's salary. Houston as the unsigned franchise player counts about $13 million against the cap. A long-term contract would reduce that number. The Chiefs could reduce Berry's salary if he goes on to the non-football injury list, which appears likely.

@adamteicher: McKnight is the running back who had a big game for the Chiefs last season in Miami. He caught two touchdown passes to help the Chiefs beat the Dolphins. He ruptured his Achilles tendon in practice the next week and his season was over. McKnight's contract expired at the end of the season and he became a free agent. It's possible he could return to the Chiefs but it doesn't look likely.