Chiefs position analysis: Running back

The roster of the Kansas City Chiefs is at the NFL limit of 90 players. While they could still make a personnel move or two, the roster they have now is at least close to the one they will take to training camp this summer at Missouri Western State University.

Here, we’ll start a series that looks at their roster by position. We’ll begin with the running backs.

With the Chiefs last year: Jamaal Charles, Knile Davis, Cyrus Gray, Anthony Sherman, De’Anthony Thomas, Charcandrick West

New to the Chiefs: Manasseh Garner (undrafted rookie), Spencer Ware (free agent)

Analysis: The Chiefs were obviously comfortable enough with the backs they’re bringing back that they didn’t feel it necessary to add anyone who is a legitimate threat to make it to the regular season. Charles has been a fantastic player for the Chiefs but after he went through one nagging injury after another last year, it’s natural to wonder whether that was the beginning of the end for him. Usually the loss of skills comes quickly for a running back and we’ll find out whether that’s the case for Charles. While it’s unwise to underestimate what Charles is capable of, the Chiefs aren’t adequately protected in the event Charles is on the downhill slide. Davis hasn’t shown he can provide anything close to what Charles has; Davis averaged 1.5 yards less per carry than Charles last year. Davis' pass receiving and protection skills have been underwhelming as well. That’s why it feels like a gamble the Chiefs have placed on Charles when they declined to add another back capable of carrying at least some of the workload.