Chiefs position analysis: Quarterback

The roster of the Kansas City Chiefs is at the NFL limit of 90 players. While they could still make a personnel move or two, the roster they have now is at least close to the one they will take to training camp this summer at Missouri Western State University.

Here, we’ll continue a series that looks at their roster by position. This time, it’s the quarterbacks. We started with the running backs.

With the Chiefs last year: Tyler Bray, Chase Daniel, Aaron Murray, Alex Smith.

New to the Chiefs: None.

Analysis: The Chiefs stood pat at quarterback this after adding three of these players two years ago and Murray last year. But the fact that they had Terrelle Pryor on their roster for a few months during the offseason shows they’re always looking. The Chiefs showed that are committed to Smith by signing him to a long-term contract last year. In signing wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and making changes to their offensive line, the Chiefs intend to improve their passing game and offense.

Some of that burden falls on Smith, who needs to be more aggressive in his decision making. The Chiefs have tried to make him more aggressive the past couple of seasons without much success. Chiefs wide receivers were last in the league in many statistical categories last season and failed to score a touchdown. Smith shares some fault in that, but not the entire burden. Daniel is pricey for a backup, but the Chiefs will keep him around for at least one more year, indicating they either think a lot of him or not much of Murray, their fifth-round draft pick last year. Bray tore his ACL playing basketball early in the offseason and is rehabbing. It’s a stretch to think he can contribute in any meaningful way this season.