Mailbag, Part I: Are 12 or 13 wins possible for the Chiefs?

Here is Part I of this week's Kansas City Chiefs mailbag. Check back on Sunday for Part II. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and use the tag #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: Anything is possible but I'm not going to predict 12 or 13 wins for the Chiefs. Their schedule, remember, includes only seven home games. They have to play against Green Bay, Minnesota, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Buffalo. They also have two games apiece against the Broncos and Chargers. It's ambitious with that kind of schedule to think the Chiefs will win more than, say, 10 games.

@adamteicher: How much money is too much? Yes, $101 million with $52.5 million guaranteed sounds like a lot. But that's what premier defensive players are being paid these days. It's the cost of doing business. The Chiefs obviously thought Justin Houston was worth it, and they're the ones paying the bills.

@adamteicher: At wide receiver, Reggie Wayne is out there and wants to play another season. James Jones is also available. So we'll see what the Chiefs really think of their wide receivers. Guard Evan Mathis, who used to play for Andy Reid with the Philadelphia Eagles, is available as well. Reid said during offseason practice that the Chiefs weren't interested in Mathis. But perhaps things have changed since the Chiefs cleared cap room by signing Houston.

@adamteicher: Tough to predict. They both could be good plays this season. I might go for Travis Kelce just because he'll probably rank higher among players at his position, tight end. But I would expect decent stats from Jeremy Maclin, a wide receiver, as well.

@adamteicher: Sanders Commings, a defensive back, missed all of his first two NFL seasons because of injuries. He has a chance to be a backup this year, but it might be difficult for the Chiefs to count on him because of that injury history. He's big and has coverage skills, so if he shows well at training camp, I think he'll make the team.

@adamteicher: Jamaal Charles will finish with more than the 1,033 rushing yards he had last season if he stays healthy. But that's the unknown. He had a bunch of different injuries last season. That could be a sign his body is breaking down.