Jeremy Maclin: 'This is not our first rodeo'

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

How does the Chiefs’ offense match up against some of the more talented Philadelphia teams you played with?

Jeremy Maclin: It’s talented. It’s extremely talented. Obviously, starting with Alex [Smith], Jamaal [Charles], you’ve got Travis [Kelce], who I think is one of the bright tight ends in this league, up and coming. I’m excited to work with him. Obviously, Albert [Wilson] showed flashes last year. He’s a guy who is going to come along and help us win. I’m just excited about having an opportunity to help some of the younger guys and shed some of my knowledge of the league and what I’ve experienced. Obviously, having [Jason] Avant here is something I really, really enjoy. I spent five years with him. If we can get it all together and get it on the right page, I think we will be pretty darn good.

You set or matched career highs in every significant category last season. What did you figure out, and how can you apply that toward a repeat performance in 2015?

Maclin: Beforehand, it was kind of me and [DeSean Jackson] being kind of the focal points. But I think it’s all about making the best of your opportunities. My number was called quite a bit last year, and I was able to make some plays -- some big plays. I’m not really a numbers guy, so I don’t like being caught up in that type of stuff, but I just made plays when the ball came my way.

The Chiefs threw only 27 deep passes all of last season, dead last in the league. Have you and Alex talked about opening up the offense a bit and taking more chances down field?

Maclin: I think me and Alex are off to a great start. I think our comfort level with each other is pretty high. It kind of feels like this is not our first rodeo. I think we’ve hooked up a lot in practice on timing, on plays where he is just kind of throwing the ball and trusting me to make the play and stuff like that. I think we want to continue to get better, but I think we’re off to a great, great start.