Chiefs look for James O'Shaughnessy to prove he's for real vs. Cardinals

After releasing veteran Anthony Fasano and losing Demetrius Harris to a broken foot, the Kansas City Chiefs haven't done much to fortify at tight end behind starter Travis Kelce.

The reason is rookie James O'Shaughnessy, their fifth-round pick from Illinois State. The Chiefs are counting on him to be their second tight end, at least until Harris returns after having a second surgery on his foot in May.

That's why it's important for O'Shaughnessy to play well in Saturday night's preseason game at the Arizona Cardinals.

The Chiefs need a solid player to pair with Kelce, and not just in case of injury to the starter. Many of the Chiefs' formations call for at least two capable tight ends. The Chiefs' most successful personnel grouping last year happened during the first half of the season when they had Kelce, Fasano and Harris on the field at the same time.

Then Harris broke his foot, and the Chiefs were never the same offensively.

Despite coming from a smaller football school and being drafted in a low round, O'Shaughnessy has looked like the game isn't too big for him. He has proved to be an adequate receiver and, even though he's on the small side for a tight end at 245 pounds, he hasn't been overwhelmed as a blocker.

Now it's time for O'Shaughnessy to prove he's for real in game competition.