Chiefs need to accomplish more with all the talent they have

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- ESPN’s ranking of the top 100 NFL players is out and only three teams have more players listed than the Kansas City Chiefs, who have five.

The Chiefs have linebacker Justin Houston at 16, running back Jamaal Charles at 30, linebacker Tamba Hali at 67, nose tackle Dontari Poe at 82 and tight end Travis Kelce at 99.

Only the Seattle Seahawks (nine) and Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers (six apiece) have more selections than the Chiefs. The Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos also have five selections.

Those teams have achieved more with their talent in recent seasons than the Chiefs, who have one wild-card appearance but haven’t won a playoff game in the past four years. All of the others have at least won a division championship in the past four years, and each has won at least one playoff game.

The difference is that the others have their quarterbacks in the top 100. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is 2, Denver’s Peyton Manning 19, Dallas’ Tony Romo 31, Seattle’s Russell Wilson 33 and Baltimore’s Joe Flacco 87.

Alex Smith of the Chiefs is, of course, not listed.

But the Chiefs have a lot of talent around him. They didn’t make the top 100, but wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, guard Ben Grubbs and linebacker Derrick Johnson are good players who might be in the next 100.

It’s time the Chiefs accomplished something with all of those good players.