What Alex Smith doesn't see bites Chiefs early

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To the lengthy list of plays that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith would like to have back from last week's game against the Denver Broncos, add a seemingly innocent one from the first quarter.

On a second down from the Denver 5, Smith threw a quick pass intended for Jeremy Maclin in the left flat. The pass instead fell incomplete, which at the time didn't seem to be a disaster. The Chiefs had another try remaining with their third-down play and perhaps a touchdown. If not, they could still salvage a field goal.

What Smith didn't see until he went through video review with his coaches later: Travis Kelce was left uncovered by the Broncos and would have scored a touchdown. Kelce's defender went to cover Maclin instead.

"I would have loved to have seen that," Smith said. "It was a bang-bang play. It was kind of snap, ball out. I was just trying to get it to him quick so he could make a play there."

The Chiefs didn't get their touchdown on the next play. They didn't even get to try a field goal on fourth down because there was none on that drive. Smith threw to Jamaal Charles short of the end zone on the next play. Charles was tackled almost immediately, fumbled and the Broncos recovered, ending the Chiefs' scoring threat.

That play wouldn't have been necessary had Smith looked for an open Kelce.