Prediction: Chiefs 27, Bears 24

Chiefs have to make a priority of protecting Alex Smith (1:01)

ESPN Chiefs reporter Adam Teicher says quarterback Alex Smith can't continue to get sacked at his current rate. (1:01)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This is how upside-down things are right now for the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re probably going to have to score a bunch of points to beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, and their offense just might be capable of doing it.

So much of what we thought about the Chiefs has been destroyed in the season’s first four games. We thought they might be strong challengers for the AFC West championship, but they’ve lost three straight games to fall to 1-3 and last place in the division.

Their defense, so consistent last year, has been miserable. Their coaching staff, headed by Andy Reid, looks powerless to find the necessary fixes.

And then there’s this: The offense, which we thought would just be along for the ride this year, might be capable of scoring a bunch against the Bears.

We’re taking a leap of faith with that last part, particularly after the Chiefs failed to score a touchdown last week against the Cincinnati Bengals. They managed seven field goals, which accounted for all of their points.

But merely getting into scoring position seven times represents progress for the Chiefs. So do the 461 yards accumulated by the Chiefs against a good defensive opponent.

And then there’s this: The Bears have been as bad defensively as the Chiefs. Both teams have allowed 125 points, worst in the league. The Chiefs should be able to find their way into the end zone against this hapless defensive opponent.

That doesn’t mean things will be easy for the Chiefs. The Chiefs allowed more than 30 points in each of their last three games.

When they have the ball, though, the Bears aren’t as good as the Broncos, Packers or Bengals. They’re good enough to inflict their own damage on the Chiefs’ bad defense.

But not enough damage to come into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs. But if they do, and they wind up beating the Chiefs, things in Kansas City are more upside-down than we realized.

Prediction: Chiefs 27, Bears 24.