Chiefs have in-house options to replace Jamaal Charles as well

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs are continuing the unpleasant task of sorting through their options for replacing the injured Jamaal Charles. Those options include Charcandrick West, Knile Davis and others on their roster.

“De'Anthony [Thomas] has running back possibility there, too, and experience,’’ coach Andy Reid said. “We’ve got Spencer Ware on the practice squad and we know he can play both tailback and fullback. We’ll look in-house first before we go outside.’’

The Chiefs are scheduled to have a workout for veteran running back Ben Tate on Tuesday and possibly others as well. Immediately, at least, the bulk of the work will go to West and Davis.

West is the one most like Charles. He’s more versatile than Davis and certainly gives the Chiefs more of a threat as a receiver.

But Reid had some interesting comments about the bigger, more powerful Davis. Those comments suggest the Chiefs have specific plans for how and when they’ll go to Davis.

“He’s different than what Jamaal was and what [West] is,’’ Reid said. “[Charles] and [West] are closer together than what Knile is as far the quick feet and the dancing while Knile is going to pound you and has real good speed to go along with that.

“If you want to go downhill, Knile is a good guy to go downhill with. That’s one thing he can do. It’s not a secret to the National Football League because he’s done it. He’s a one-cut guy and he’s going to bring all 225 pounds with him.’’