Andy Reid on Jeremy Maclin: 'He just wasn't right'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Whatever thought the Kansas City Chiefs gave to playing wide receiver Jeremy Maclin in Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers -- and there was thought since Maclin passed the NFL’s concussion protocol and returned to practice on Friday -- disappeared the morning of the game.

Coach Andy Reid and trainer Rick Burkholder are familiar with Maclin from their days together with the Philadelphia Eagles. That familiarity told them Maclin “wasn’t right,’’ in Reid’s words.

“Rick had kind of sensed it too,’’ Reid said. “We’ve been around him long enough. He’s new here, but we’ve known him for awhile. He just was off. Between the two of them, they kind of worked that out with the docs. Then I had a chance to talk to him and he wasn’t right.’’

Reid didn’t go into detail about how the Chiefs sensed Maclin shouldn’t play. But he indicated Maclin didn’t readily volunteer the information.

“Sometimes you have to dig a little bit,’’ Reid said. “He’s a competitive guy. But if you’re around somebody long enough, you get a pretty good feel on him. He just wasn’t right. You could sense that.’’

The Chiefs still have to make the determination whether Maclin will be available for this Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions in London.