Eric Berry's 'ninja-esque' tackle is more proof that he's back

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Eric Berry's play on a down-to-down basis over the last several games is proof enough that the Kansas City Chiefs safety is all the way back after his diagnosis of and treatment for lymphoma. Berry is having a season that rivals any of his three Pro Bowl seasons.

If you're looking for even more confirmation, check out the tackle Berry made on Chargers wide receiver Stevie Johnson in the second quarter of last week's game in San Diego. Berry quickly diagnosed a quick screen pass to Johnson, covered the ground in a hurry to get to the play, submarined 330-pound tackle King Dunlap (who was there to block Berry) and tackled Johnson -- who looked poised for a big gain -- after three yards.

Even Berry said he wasn't sure that was a play he could have made a month ago, or even two weeks earlier.

"I don't know," Berry said. "I know I made it when I was supposed to. That's all I know. My team needed a play, and I felt like that was a situation where I had to do it. My thing is to always put my team in good situations, and I put everything on the line every snap. Whatever it takes, I'm going to get it done."

Even coach Andy Reid marveled at the play.

"I thought that was a superior play," Reid said. "You just don’t see that very often where he goes underneath an offensive lineman, pops up and makes a tackle on a screen.

"It was ninja-esque."