Alex Smith's running ability no small part of Chiefs' offense

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson brought up an interesting point this week when talking about Alex Smith's current streak of 305 passes without throwing an interception. Pederson indicated that Smith’s ability to scramble out of trouble may have helped save him from heaving a ball into coverage to avoid a sack.

Smith’s running ability is no small part of the Kansas City Chiefs' offense, interception streaks aside. He’s fourth in quarterback carries with 60, third in yards with 326 and ninth in yards per rush at 5.43, which is more than a yard more than the league average for quarterbacks. His 49-yard run last month against the Detroit Lions is the second longest this season for a quarterback.

Perhaps most importantly, the Chiefs are 4-0 in Smith’s three seasons when he runs for a touchdown. He scored the Chiefs’ first touchdown on a 3-yard run in what would eventually become a 34-20 win over the Oakland Raiders.

That was not the intent of the play when Smith dropped back to pass on the second-down play, but the middle of the defense opened up for him. At that point, Smith took what has become an important part of the Chiefs’ offense.

“Not planned,’’ he said. “That was totally an improvised scramble. Certainly, when we put that play in I don’t think Coach was thinking about the QB up the middle. It’s just part of football, right? There are a lot of plays that go down just how you planned them and there are just as many that get improvised out there, and that’s part of the game as well.”