Andy Reid better off for having come to Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Predictably, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid had little to say publicly about Tuesday’s developments in Philadelphia, where the Eagles fired coach Chip Kelly.

“I haven’t followed it that close since we’re hunkered down here," said Reid, who was fired by the Eagles in 2013 after 14 seasons to make room for Kelly. “I wish both sides well."

Nothing good could come from comments any more expansive than that, so it’s difficult to blame Reid if he did not say what he was really thinking. What he was probably thinking: I’m glad I’m not in Philly anymore.

Nobody knows how things would have gone had Reid stayed on with the Eagles. But they probably wouldn’t be the mess they seem to be now.

It looks like a major rebuild in Philly, where quarterback Sam Bradford is in the final season of his contract and may not be the guy to lead the Eagles back even if Philadelphia re-signs him.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are headed for the playoffs for the second time in Reid’s three seasons in Kansas City. His tenure hasn’t been wildly successful -- the Chiefs wasted a 28-point third-quarter lead in their playoff loss two years ago -- unless compared to the disastrous period in the six years prior to his arrival. The Chiefs haven’t made the playoffs twice in a three-year period since they were coached by Marty Schottenheimer in the 1990s.

This year Reid guided the Chiefs from a 1-5 start to a nine-game winning streak and a playoff spot. For that he deserves strong consideration as the coach of the year.

Reid’s time in Kansas City will eventually be defined by what kind of playoff success, or failure, the Chiefs have. He’s not off to a great start in that regard, but he will soon get another chance and this may be the year the Chiefs break through with one postseason win or more.

Looking toward next year and beyond, the Chiefs may not dominate the AFC or even their division, but the picture certainly isn’t bleak. The Chiefs have a serviceable quarterback, if not a star, in Alex Smith and they’ve built a solid roster around him. It appears the Chiefs will be in position to at least challenge for a division title for the foreseeable future.

That’s more than the Eagles have going for them. So even if Reid won’t say so publicly, the truth is evident: He’s better off in Kansas City than Philadelphia.