Doesn't Alex Smith deserve to be in Pro Bowl?

Chiefs QB Alex Smith was the NFL's 10th-rated passer, higher than all of the Pro Bowl replacements except Tyrod Taylor. AP Photo/Ed Zurga

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The NFL had to dig deep to fill this year’s Pro Bowl rosters and that was certainly true at quarterback, where the league added five players after only one of the six passers originally selected could or would play.

What’s interesting about this from a Kansas City Chiefs standpoint is that Alex Smith wasn’t one of the five replacements selected. Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater, Oakland’s Derek Carr, Eli Manning of the New York Giants, Buffalo’s Tyrod Taylor and Tampa Bay’s Jameis Winston are the quarterbacks chosen as replacements. They are joining Seattle’s Russell Wilson, the only one of the six quarterbacks originally selected who will participate.

Smith was the NFL’s 10th rated passer, higher than all of the Pro Bowl replacements except for Taylor. Passer rating is an imperfect measurement, as Smith finished higher this season than, among others, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger and San Diego’s Philip Rivers.

But passer rating is about the best tool for comparison that we have. In that category, at least, Smith deserves a Pro Bowl nod ahead of, say, Bridgewater, the 22nd-rated passer.

Throw in the good work Smith did with his scrambling and the fact his team finished the regular season with 10 straight victories and advanced deeper into the playoffs than the Vikings did and it appears his omission from a Pro Bowl roster was a serious snub.