Chiefs' spending on tight ends is up from 2015

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Spending on tight ends is up for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2015, and the Chiefs are no longer near the bottom of the league in that area.

A closer look at how the Chiefs are spending their salary-cap dollars on tight ends.

Salary-cap commitments: $5,448,789 (up from $2,893,826 last season). Travis Kelce $2,948,226, Demetrius Harris $950,000, James O'Shaughnessy $575,563, Brian Parker $525,000, Ross Travis $450,000.

Percent of Chiefs’ total salary cap spent on tight ends: 3.4 (up from 2.0 percent).

NFL average salary-cap spending on TEs: $7,016,651.

Chiefs’ rank in TE spending: 22nd among 32 teams (up from 29th last year).

Analysis: As at quarterback and running back, a large chunk of the Chiefs’ spending is going to one player. Kelce had one more season remaining on the contract he signed as a third-round draft pick in 2013, but he and the Chiefs agreed in January to an extension that bumped his compensation for 2016. Even by giving Kelce a significant raise, the Chiefs are in the bottom half of spending at this position because their other tight ends are young players on team-friendly contracts.