Jimmy Wilson sees chance to revive career with Chiefs like other safeties

Safety Jimmy Wilson did his research before recently signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. He contacted two former teammates who used to play for the Chiefs, cornerbacks Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers, to ask their opinions. Both gave the Chiefs favorable reviews, Wilson said.

The research that really attracted Wilson was the Chiefs’ recent history with veteran safeties. Husain Abdullah, Quintin Demps, Kurt Coleman and Tyvon Branch joined Kansas City on one-year contracts and revived careers that had stalled for one reason or another.

“The record is that they’ve signed guys to one-year deals and the guys go on to jumpstart their careers back," Wilson said. “I think it’s the culture there that they they’ve developed. All of the guys compete. Just the young rookie, [Marcus] Peters, came in. I’m pretty sure he’s a great player but if you get in the right system with the right team and teammates and your challenge can come to the front. I think that’s one of the reasons he had a great year last year.”

Wilson’s career is where the others' were when they joined the Chiefs. He joined the San Diego Chargers last year after four seasons with the Miami Dolphins, but was released before the end of the year and has been looking for a job ever since.

He’s got one now and the Chiefs will give him and another recent addition at safety, Stevie Brown, every chance to win some playing time. The Chiefs lost Abdullah and Branch from the group of safeties who played a lot last season.

“Probably around 2013 or 2014, I was able to play every position on defense, from corner to nickel to safety," Wilson said. “Those years with the Dolphins, I really had full confidence in my ability and we had a lot of trust on the field and I think that helped me play my best.

“I’ve been playing defensive back my entire life and I’ve played every position in the NFL that you can play back there, from dime to corner to nickel, safety. When you have a good team, that’s where you really flourish."