This is what needs to change about Chiefs' draft

Only hard-core Kansas City Chiefs fans might be able to answer this, but what do Michael Allan, Mike Merritt and Javarris Williams have in common? They’re all late-round Chiefs draft picks from the past 10 years who didn’t become productive players.

Those guys shouldn’t feel bad because they have plenty of company. The Chiefs are next to last in the league at finding productive players in the later rounds over the past 10 years.

It’s time for them to turn that around. The Chiefs don’t have a third-round pick this year, and that puts more pressure on their decisions to hit not only with their first- and second-round choices but those in rounds 4 through 7 as well.

The third round, unlike those that follow, has been kind to the Chiefs in recent years. Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Travis Kelce and Chris Conley are among their current players the Chiefs drafted in the third round.

They won’t have a chance to get a player like that in the third round this year. But the sting of missing that chance goes away if the Chiefs can find him in the fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh rounds.