Jon Gruden: Teams that want a QB (like Chiefs?) should draft one in 2016

Jon Gruden brought up an interesting point in a recent conference call with reporters. He suggested teams that not only need a quarterback now but might want one in the foreseeable future should draft one this year because a dry spell could be coming at the position.

“I have five quarterbacks in this draft going in the top 35 picks,’’ Gruden said. “I think the strength of this draft is at the quarterback position. I just don't see a lot of dropback quarterbacks at the college level on the horizon, and there are so many teams that need them desperately.’’

This is of interest to the Kansas City Chiefs because their starting quarterback, Alex Smith, will turn 32 next month. The end doesn’t appear close for Smith, but the Chiefs may at least want to think about what they might do for an eventual replacement. If this might be their last chance for a few years to draft their next starting quarterback, do they have to take it?

The Chiefs don’t have a third-round pick this year, which would seem to make it unlikely they would use one of their other choices on a quarterback. They also have two other younger, developmental quarterbacks in Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray and having three options for that type of player would seem to be a crowd.

Just in case they disagree, Gruden offered some thoughts on which quarterbacks might fit for the Chiefs and coach Andy Reid.

“He's been able to coach all kinds of different quarterbacks,’’ Gruden said. “He took Donovan McNabb out of Syracuse (for the Philadelphia Eagles). I coached Donovan in the Senior Bowl. Donovan was a freeze‑option quarterback that did most of his damage running. I could see Andy Reid coaching a lot of these guys, starting with (Mississippi State’s Dak) Prescott in the second round, third round. Bring a guy in here that has similar traits, a dual‑threat. It looks like Andy Reid likes that kind of quarterback.

“They have Brad Childress there that monitors what's going on in the college game. You see a lot of college principles added to Andy Reid's diverse background. I think [Memphis’] Paxton Lynch could fit in there. I think a lot of quarterbacks in this draft could fit Andy Reid's style because he's stayed on the cutting edge of what's going on at every level of football.’’