Chiefs seeking better results in two-minute situations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Twice since the start of offseason practice, the Kansas City Chiefs squeezed in a two-minute drill at the end of a session. Presumably, they will work at it more before wrapping up their offseason work with four practices this week and three next week.

“We do this every year,’’ coach Andy Reid said. “It’s an important part of the game. So many games are determined in that last part of the game, in the fourth quarter. The parity in the league has really made that an important part of the game.

“We work on it in camp. Really most of the work you get is normally during that time, now and during training camp. During the season it’s kind of a review.”

The Chiefs could use the work. The Chiefs were one of the worst two-minute offensive teams in the league last season. They took possession with two minutes or less remaining in a half 20 times, which was tied for 23rd-most in the league. They scored one touchdown and kicked one field goal. Five other teams scored twice in similar two-minute situations and three scored just once.

Their opponents took possession 18 times in the final two minutes. They scored three touchdowns and kicked no field goals.

“We could be better there,’’ Reid said. “Both sides of the ball, we could be better. It’s about our working on it and we’re doing that. We’ve got to capitalize on a few [more] situations there.

“It’s a matter of just repping it, making sure I’m putting the guys in the right position. We’ve got to do that. We’ve got good players and we’ve got to make sure we’ve got an opportunity to make plays. It’s important that the young guys see enough of the different looks, knowing when we have to get out of bounds, knowing we can score. All of these types of things are involved here and this is a good time to do it, when you can slow it down and work on it.’’

The defense won the first of last week’s practice two-minute drills when linebacker Frank Zombo sacked quarterback Alex Smith, or would have sacked him had contact been allowed. The offense moved into field goal range on the other.

Both drills featured starters on both offense and defense.