Can Chiefs expect better times ahead in the next three seasons?

In their three seasons under coach Andy Reid, the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t won a division title, but they’ve been an annual playoff contender, reaching the postseason twice as a wild-card entrant. They haven’t been able to advance in the postseason beyond the divisional round.

This interesting post suggests that for the foreseeable future, the next three seasons, the Chiefs are headed for more of the same.

ESPN ranked the prospects for each of the NFL’s 32 teams over the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons based on several factors, including the quality of the overall roster, quarterback, coaching, the draft, and the front office. The Chiefs are a respectable 11th, their strength according to this ranking being Reid’s coaching ability.

Eleventh doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t represent an improvement over what the Chiefs have been over the past three seasons. In the future rankings, the Chiefs are second in the AFC West behind the No. 9 Denver Broncos and sixth overall in the AFC.

That should sound familiar. The Chiefs have finished second to the Broncos in their division in each of Reid’s three seasons. They’ve been the fifth seed in the playoffs in each of their two postseason appearances.

Those Chiefs fans with long memories may not think of this pattern as being stuck in a rut. The Chiefs, after all, won no more than four games in four of the six seasons previous to Reid’s arrival, so these are prosperous times for Kansas City’s NFL team, relatively speaking.

Ultimately, though, they haven’t been fulfilling. And if the Chiefs follow up in the next three seasons with more of the same, even the most patient of their fans might come to think Kansas City was definitely stuck in a rut with Andy Reid as the head coach.