Tight ends will again be a big part of Chiefs' offense

Travis Kelce has full confidence in the Chiefs' crowded group of tight ends. "I'd love to see all of us on the field at once," he said. AP Photo/Steven Senne

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for ways to get more big plays and improve offensively. To that end, tight end Travis Kelce has an idea.

“I’d love to see all of us on the field at once," Kelce said of the Chiefs’ five tight ends. “We’re that athletic in the tight-end room that I feel you could throw all of us on the field. But that’s wishful thinking."

It is a stretch, but not too far from reality. Judging from the first two days of practice, the Chiefs intend to use plenty of their multi-TE formations. Because of their depth at the position, they could keep four tight ends when the regular season begins in September.

“We count on tight ends," said Brad Childress, one of the offensive coordinators. “We play with a good bit of two tight ends and sometimes three tight ends. (Kelce) will continue to up his game and hopefully the guys behind him will up (their) game and we’ll continue to use the tight ends as much as we can in this offense."

As Kelce indicated, the Chiefs do have an athletic group of tight ends. Kelce, who caught 72 passes last year, is one of the best athletes at his position in the NFL -- even at 260 pounds. Two of the Chiefs' other tight ends, Demetrius Harris and Ross Travis, played basketball but not football in college.

The Chiefs will likely use all three players in their lineup at the same time on occasion. That’s as close as they are likely to get to Kelce’s vision of using five, but the Chiefs may keep a fifth tight end in Brian Parker, who at 265 pounds is the biggest of their players at the position and a good blocker.