Arrowhead Stadium will be ready at long last for another playoff game

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Tom Waddle previews the Steelers' matchup against the Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs. (1:11)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Arrowhead Stadium hasn’t been the site of a playoff game for six years, so there’s demand for tickets for the divisional round game Sunday between the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers. Team president Mark Donovan said the Chiefs are expecting a full house and have been since shortly after they clinched the AFC West championship with a win over the San Diego Chargers on Jan. 1.

“Technically, we’re sold out," Donovan said. “There are tickets out there. We hold a bunch of tickets for league requests and networks, etc. They may go into the marketplace. There are single and club (level) seats out there but we’re basically sold out.

“When we clinched the home game in San Diego, that Monday and Tuesday were two of the biggest single-game sales days on record for the Chiefs organization."

The Chiefs began selling tickets to a potential divisional round home to non-season ticket holders on Dec. 23, so they’ve had the benefit of time.

Another factor that helped ticket sales: the opponent. The Steelers have a national following and generally have many of their fans at road games. Pittsburgh fans were at Arrowhead in significant numbers for a regular-season game against the Chiefs the last time they played in Kansas City, in 2015.

“They’re a great franchise. They travel well. It’s playoff football. Just like our fans showed up in San Diego, I’m sure they’re going to show up here. There will be (Steelers) fans in the stadium."

The Chiefs last had a playoff game at home in January of 2011, when as AFC West champions they played the Baltimore Ravens in the wild-card round. The Chiefs lost 30-7.

Kansas City has lost its last four home playoff games. The Chiefs haven’t won at Arrowhead in the postseason since after the 1993 season. Then, they beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Kansas City’s quarterback that day was Joe Montana.

The Chiefs have gone through a few quarterbacks since.

Ice is in the forecast for Kansas City this weekend, so the game could be impacted by weather. Regardless, Donovan said the Chiefs expect the Arrowhead playing field to be in good shape.

The Chiefs are resodding the middle strip of the field this week, when the weather is relatively mild.

“That’s something that’s in our plans every year as we get to this time of the year," Donovan said.

“(The field) will be ready to go. The addition of the heated field has really helped us keep a great grass surface. We felt like we could have got through it without actually resodding but we wanted to make sure we put the best possible field out there for this playoff game."