Patrick Mahomes II gets lesson on first play of first two-minute drill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The lessons have been coming fast for Patrick Mahomes II at Kansas City Chiefs practice. Perhaps none has hit home quite like the one the rookie quarterback received on the first and only play of his initial NFL two-minute drill on Wednesday.

Mahomes' pass on his first snap of the drill was intercepted by backup linebacker Reshard Cliett, who returned it for a touchdown. That ended the drill but perhaps more importantly provided a learning point for the rookie QB.

Mahomes said he was just trying to get rid of the ball and throw an incompletion on a play that looked doomed. He didn't anticipate how much ground NFL linebackers like Cliett are capable of covering.

"If I'm going to throw the ball away, I'm going to throw it all the way out of bounds," he said after practice. "You've just got to learn from those mistakes. They happen but you've got to eliminate them and not let them happen again.

"These guys now are a little bit faster and can jump a little bit higher. He made a great play and props to him and I've just got to next time not make that mistake again."