Dropped passes may be in Chiefs' DNA

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ever since the Kansas City Chiefs dropped five passes, according to Pro Football Focus, in the season opener against Jacksonville, the issue has been a problem for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are fourth in the league in dropped passes with 28. They’ve had only one game, last month’s home matchup against Cleveland, without a dropped pass.

Drops have been particularly costly the past couple of weeks. Dwayne Bowe and Dexter McCluster dropped passes for what could have been big gains or even touchdowns against Buffalo. And last week against Denver, Jamaal Charles dropped what would have been a touchdown pass, and Donnie Avery dropped one that would have gone for a long gain.

Charles leads the league in dropped passes with nine, an indication he’s not as polished as a receiver as the Chiefs would like. Bowe has struggled with dropped passes his entire career, while Avery has also had bouts with drops over the years.

It’s something the Chiefs continue to work on before, during and after practice. But with the receivers they have, extra repetition may only get them so far.

“You’ve got to focus on the football,’’ coach Andy Reid said. “We’ve seen a lot of man coverage the last couple of weeks. It’s tight coverage. It becomes a physical game. You’ve to make sure you focus even that much more on the football and stay aggressive on the ball. We keep working it in practice.’’