Mahomes picks Demarcus Robinson as his latest flavor of the week

OAKLAND, Calif. -- On many teams, wide receiver Demarcus Robinson is a starter and perhaps a star. On the Kansas City Chiefs, he's often a role player who takes the scraps that more well-known receivers Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins don't get.

"You have to be patient," said Robinson, who joined the Chiefs as a fourth-round draft pick in 2016. "We've got a lot of great guys in the room and they've been here longer than I have and their number gets called more times than mine."

Robinson's wait came to an end on Sunday against the Raiders. He was their receiving star, the way Watkins was in Week 1.

Robinson caught all of the six passes that headed his way for 172 yards and two touchdowns as the Chiefs beat the Raiders 28-10. He lost another long catch because of a holding penalty.

It was a career day for Robinson, who caught 22 passes and four touchdowns last year but has been more known for doing the little things, such as throwing the block that sprung Watkins on his long touchdown catch last week.

"He's a guy that kind of gets lost in the shuffle of things sometimes," quarterback Patrick Mahomes said. "He's a guy that's super-talented, makes a lot of big plays happen. It's everything from catching the ball on scrambles, catching touchdowns as the last read across the middle of the field or making the blocks and doing whatever he can to help his teammates out."

Coach Andy Reid said, "He kind of does all the dirty work."

Robinson started the season as the Chiefs' third receiver, inheriting the role that Chris Conley had last season. Conley left the Chiefs as a free agent during the offseason.

He became a starter this week after the injury to Hill, who didn't play against the Raiders.

The Raiders were determined to slow the Chiefs' running game, which they effectively did, and limit the contributions of Watkins and Kelce. They largely succeeded with Watkins (six catches but on 13 targets and for only 49 yards) but Kelce had seven catches for 107 yards and a touchdown.

These defensive efforts left Robinson with a lot of single coverage. He was able to win much of the time, making him the flavor of the week for the Chiefs.

In their system, anyone can be a star.

"That's how we roll as a team in general," Mahomes said. "Whenever guys get their opportunity, they step up and make plays."

For a change, it was Robinson. All he needed was the chance, as it turned out.

"Pat gives everybody a chance to be explosive," Robinson said. "Every week can be a big week for any of us guys."