KC has about $6.6 million in cap room

The Kansas City Chiefs as of Monday had $6,626,444 in available salary-cap room for 2014, assuming a salary cap of $130 million. The cap has yet to be set, and Pro Football Talk has reported it could exceed $132 million per team.

The Chiefs have $122,249,251 in salary cap commitments for their 51 highest paid players. Only the top 51 will count against the salary cap when the league year begins in March. The Chiefs have 68 players under contract.

The Chiefs also have $3,505,823 in dead money, so called because it accounts for cash given in past seasons to certain players who are no longer under contract. Wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin and cornerback Dunta Robinson are among the players in this category.

The Chiefs have a credit of $2,381,518 against their salary cap. That’s the amount of last season’s cap they didn’t spend.

The Chiefs were 25th among the 32 teams in available salary-cap space. The Oakland Raiders had more than $64 million of salary-cap room. Two teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys, were over the cap.