Chiefs trying to put Sanders case to rest

General manager John Dorsey answered media questions Tuesday for the first time since the free-agent signing period began last week and a popular topic naturally was the inability of the Kansas City Chiefs to get the signature of wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders on a contract. The Chiefs thought they had an oral agreement with Sanders, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, a fact Sanders and his agent have since disputed.

Either way, Sanders wound up signing not with the Chiefs but with the Denver Broncos. Just like that, Kansas City's chance to improve at the position by signing one of this year's best available free agents disappeared.

"During the free agency stuff, anything can happen," Dorsey said. "You know what? I was interested in the player and at the end of the day the player and the agent decided to go to Denver. It's kind of like the Vance Walker deal. That deal was put to bed and you don't look in the rearview mirror. We have to move forward and build for this organization. That's kind of where we are with this. I"m moving forward to the next project."

That's the best stance for Dorsey to publicly take. It does no good for Dorsey and the Chiefs to dwell on the situation because nothing can be done about it. Sanders has a signed contract with the Broncos and will play against the Chiefs this season and not for them.

But don't be confused by Dorsey's comments. The Chiefs were plenty mad at Sanders and his agent, believing they were left at the altar. Sanders was the versatile free-agent wide receiver the Chiefs felt best fit their needs and their budget and now he's gone, leaving the draft as the best option for upgrading a position of need.

"There are still players out there," Dorsey said, trying to put a happy face on the situation. "I think this draft is very deep in terms of wide receivers with skills."

Check back here Wednesday morning for more from Dorsey's question and answer session.