Job 1 at practice is cleaning up penalties

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs have more than a few items to clean up from Sunday night's preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers. Penalties will be the first priority on Tuesday when the Chiefs get back to the practice field for the first time since breaking training camp last week.

The Chiefs were penalized 13 times for 131 yards. Seven of those penalties and 93 of the yards came in the first half when the starters were in the game on both offense and defense.

"Even if you're counting by fives, 13 is too many," coach Andy Reid said, referring to the yardage of the penalties. "And there were some that were greater than five.

"We took big plays away from ourselves. That's not the way you function and be a successful team in the National Football League. Those things, you get back (to practice) and you work on it. You discipline yourselves and make sure you get it right. When you look at the tape, you can see what type of team you can be if you function and eliminate those penalties. If you cut those things all the way down, you're a pretty good football team."

Repairing the problem might not be so easy. The Chiefs were penalized for a wide range of infractions, including offensive holding (three times), defensive pass interference (two) and offensive pass interference, false start, defensive holding and offside (one each). The Chiefs also had four penalties on special teams.

The Chiefs were in the middle of the pack in penalties last season, Reid's first with the Chiefs.

"It's being called real tight and we knew that coming in," Reid said. "We've got to do a better job. With the ones, the majority of the penalties happened on the offensive side. Five of the seven were on the offensive side. The bottom line is, they're going to call them and it sounds like they are going to continue to call them."