Q & A: Is roster weaker than last year?

Here is this week’s edition of the Kansas City Chiefs mailbag. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and tag it #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: I would agree with you at offensive line, where they lost a Pro Bowl player, Branden Albert, and at defensive back, where they lost a pretty good player in Brandon Flowers. Not sure I agree at wide receiver. Let's see what Frankie Hammond can do. One position where they are way ahead of where they were last year is tight end. Travis Kelce is a huge upgrade over Sean McGrath.

@adamteicher: He'll play a considerable amount. Tight end is a strength of the Chiefs. They'll need to use a lot of two- and maybe even three-tight end formations. I wouldn't make him a priority in your fantasy draft, but he wouldn't be a bad pickup.

@adamteicher: I was surprised the Chiefs released Malcolm Bronson, a young safety they carried on their practice squad last year. I thought he did enough good things that they should have kept him around. So it's worth watching what happens with him.

@adamteicher: Defensive lineman Mike Catapano missed most of training camp and all of the preseason with some sort of mysterious virus, and I'm not sure the Chiefs know exactly what they're dealing with. He's on the non-football injury list now and they could bring him back later in the season if he's healthy enough.

@adamteicher: Tyler Bray can't practice with the Chiefs because he's on injured reserve.

@adamteicher: Gray looks good. I don't know that it will matter much because he won't play much at running back.