Power Rankings: No. 16 Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs check in at No. 16 in the season-opening ESPN Power Rankings.

Since I have the Chiefs finishing 8-8 this season, 16 sounds about right and in the middle of the pack. The Chiefs, for what its worth, are ranked the lowest of last year's 12 playoff teams.

The bad news for them is that they play five games against the top-four ranked teams: one against the Seahawks, two against the Broncos, one against the Patriots and one against the 49ers. They also have a two games against the No. 11 Chargers and a game against the No. 13 Steelers.

The good news is that the Chiefs started the season last season at No.19. They actually dropped a spot despite a lopsided season-opening win against Jacksonville before their 9-0 start carried them for a time all the way to No. 1.