Three-TE sets bring big results for Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you like the three-tight end formations used by the Kansas City Chiefs because of their potential, you’ll love them because of the results.

In their three games, the Chiefs have used tight ends Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce and Demetrius Harris together on 15 plays. The Chiefs on those plays have rushed 10 times for a healthy 6.2-yard per carry average. Four of Alex Smith’s five passes were complete for 62 yards.

Thirteen of those plays happened in last week’s game against the Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs won their first game of the season, and don’t mistake as coincidence the correlation between using their tight ends, being efficient offensively and winning.

“We put that in in [offseason practice] and we ran it a little bit last week,’’ coach Andy Reid said. “We thought we could get a decent matchup.’’

They did. Three-tight end formations usually signal a running play, but they don’t have to because Fasano, Kelce and Harris are all decent or better receivers. Even Harris, a college basketball player, has developed into a decent blocker.

“They give us some flexibility because they’re all good receivers,’’ Reid said. “The thing that probably surprises you the most is Harris and his ability to block.

“You look at Harris and you look at the improvement he’s made and some of the physical blocks he made in that game. That was pretty impressive.’’

There’s no telling how much the Chiefs will use three tight ends in next Monday night’s game against the New England Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium, and beyond. It might vary from week to week because of matchups and how they’re being defended.

But tight end is a position group of strength for the Chiefs, along with running back. They certainly can’t say that about their wide receivers or offensive line.

So the Chiefs are best off making liberal use of Fasano, Kelce and Harris. They now have the numbers to prove that works.