Power Rankings: No. 19 Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For losing on the road last week to the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs dropped five spots to No. 19 in this week’s ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

That’s harsh treatment. The Chiefs were ahead for a good portion of the game, including at the start of the fourth quarter. They had a chance to win until Alex Smith's final pass was intercepted with about two minutes remaining. And this against the 49ers, a team ranked seventh.

So for the first time this season I don’t agree how agree with where the Chiefs are ranked. They may be 2-3 but they have narrow losses on the road to the second- and seventh-ranked teams in the Denver Broncos and the 49ers. They also have a blowout victory over the New England Patriots, ranked 11th.

Even though their record isn’t as good as some of the 3-2 teams ranked ahead of them, the Chiefs deserve strong consideration to be ahead of the No. 15 Carolina Panthers, No. 16 Pittsburgh Steelers, No. 17 Houston Texans and No. 18 Buffalo Bills.