Power Rankings: No. 14 Kansas City Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The 3-3 Kansas City Chiefs jumped four spots in this week's ESPN Power Rankings. They're No. 14 after beating the Chargers in San Diego last Sunday.

No. 14 sounds a little low for a team that has a road victory over the No. 7 Chargers and a home win against the No. 8 New England Patriots. But the Chiefs also have a home loss to the Tennessee Titans, who are 28th.

It's also tough to make an argument that the Chiefs should be ahead of many of the teams in front of them. The exception is perhaps the No. 13 Cincinnati Bengals, who have two blowout losses and a tie in their last three games.

The San Francisco 49ers, at No. 12, beat the Chiefs two weeks ago. The Seattle Seahawks, at No. 11, are like the Chiefs at 3-3 overall. They're the only team to beat the No. 1 Denver Broncos and have a loss against the No. 2 Dallas Cowboys.

So the Chiefs belong about where they are. Their next two games are at Arrowhead Stadium against opponents currently ranked No. 24 (St. Louis Rams) and No. 29 (New York Jets).